Why you should join SpiritRaft Academy!

We prepare students for IGCSE exams.

SpiritRaft Academy can help your children prepare for their IGCSE exams privately and at a fast pace! We have vast amount of experience in teaching IGCSE, A/S, and A Level courses.
We assist in private IGCSE and A-Level Exams registrations





Is your child struggling with grades in school?

Does he spend too much time with electronics at home?


Does he find it difficult to open his book and study?

SpiritRaft Academy provides a learning center for children who would like to utilize their free time after school in a productive way. We provide an environment where children can complete homework on time, study for upcoming test, and socialize with peers who are “seekers of knowledge”! Instead of spending time alone at home we invite children to have make their after school life social, fun, productive and engaging.


Spirit Raft Academy offers: 

  • A learning environment for children to explore curiosities, ask questions, and grow intellectually.
  • A social environment for children to make friends and improve their communication skills.
  • Qualified tutors for assisting your child with home works, tests, and learning.
  • Immersive learning that includes games, videos, and audio resources.

Four Stages of Teaching

1. Thirst of Knowledge

The desire for knowledge can be traced in all living beings, in the lower creation as well as in mankind. If one notices the movements of the birds and animals in the forest, one sees that besides their seeking for their food, their playing with their mates, their...

2. Uploading Information

Absorbing information can be the most difficult part in the journey of knowledge. Uploading information as an indexed catalog in our brain is no easy task. It takes a strong will to do it. While there’s no set rule for how much information people can store in their...

3. True Understanding

Many students equate ‘to know’ with ‘to understand’. However, ‘knowing’ something is not the same as ‘understanding’ something. Worst still, students may take knowing the ‘definition’ of a term as understanding the ‘concept’ of the term, both of which are actually...

4. Playing with Knowledge

The question “Why are we learning this?” is not a rare one in most teachers’ classrooms. We might find it arising less frequently in the future if we make “playing with knowledge” a higher priority in our instructional efforts. Think about the last thing you learned...

A Wise Man Once Said
Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
–Albert Einstein